That's Bellion Film Production

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Actors Showreels
That's Bellion Film Production believes it is important to showcase local talent.   Once a script is locked we start the work to identify suitable actors for each role.  We enjoy taking on this task, and will look at many showreels to select the most appropriate person.  This page, however, gives our clients the opportunity to look at a small selection of talented actors based in London and the South East. 
  1. Chris Bell Showreel
  2. Can Somer Showreel
  3. Sharon Lawrence Showreel
  4. Grace Blackman Showreel
  5. Helen Wearing Showreel
  6. Thea Balich Showreel
  7. Karen Ash Showreel
  8. Danny Howard Showreel
  9. Darren Charles Showreel
  10. Karen Brace Showreel